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Pokemon of the Week

Pokemon of the Week

This week's Pokemon is the Shellfish Pokemon Blastoise. Click here for more information on this Pokemon.

What is Pokemon of the Week?

Pokemon of the Week is a time where I create a new Pokemon to add into the sites Pokedex. After a week goes by I do another Pokemon and let that one sit there for a week.

Here is an example: This week the Pokemon is Eevee. After this week goes by then we will have a new Pokemon. That Pokemon will be a random Pokemon picked by a lottery number.

Yes, this will take a very long time. Maybe I will do a couple of Pokemon a week to get going. This is a good way for me to pace myself so I do not get stressed out by trying to accomplish too many Pokedex entries at a time. Anyway, look forward to next weeks Pokemon. Later!

Pokemon of the Week Archive:

#003 - Venusuar - 10/16/05-10/21/05
#009 - Blastoise - 10/16/05-10/21/05
#025 - Pikachu - 6/12/05-6/18/05
#058 - Growlithe - 7/10/05-7/16/05
#104 - Cubone - 8/10/05-8/17/05
#133 - Eevee - 6/5/05-6/11/05
#136 - Flareon - 8/12/05-8/17/05
#196 - Espeon - 8/12/05-8/17/05
#197 - Umbreon - 8/12/05-8/17/05