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Catch Mew Glitch

For the time being I will tell you using words how to get Mew. In the future when I get to this spot while doing the walkthru I will get you pictures. This code is meant for the versions of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow.

This code works without the use of gameshark which is a pretty much a saint in itself. You do not have to worry about your game getting glitched unless you do the glitch incorrectly. Caution is advised none-the-less. I can't believe this glitch was found, but it can enable you to get any Pokemon you would like. Here we go:

There are a couple of trainers you can not battle if you want this code to work. If you have already beaten the game chances are you have already battled them. You can always hope. Below is the checklist of things you will need before starting this glitch:

If all of those things above apply to you, you are ready to do the glitch. Alright, here we go with the actual glitch.

Stand infront of the Underground Path on Route 8. Make sure you are not seen by the Gambler. If the Gambler sees you the code will not work. Save your game right here before continuing on as this is the only time you will be able to save while doing the glitch.

Now read all of this before you do it. Take a step forward and as soon as you press down hit the start button so that while you are moving you push the start button. The menu should pop up before the trainer sees you. If he starts to walk towards you and battle shut off the game and start over.

While you are in the menu choose the Pokemon that knows fly. Fly to Cerulean City straight away. While you are starting to fly away the Gambler will see you and the exclamation mark will pop up above his head, but it is too late.

At Cerulean City you will need to walk up Nugget Bridge. You may notice that the start menu isn't working. This is only temporary. Now go east as if you were heading to Bill's house. Now the Youngster with the Slowpoke should be close. This is the youngster right above the line of hedges and Lass. This is very important. Do not walk right in front of the Youngster. You need to walk one above the Youngster so that he has to walk forward to talk to you. If you walk right infront of the trainer the game will freeze. When he talks to you he will battle. This is an easy battle, his Slowpoke at level 17 isn't much of a challenge.

Now after the battle you can use the start menu. I don't think you should save as it might screw up the glitch. Fly to Lavender town. Now head West from Lavender Town. Through that little path. Upon entering that little path the start menu will pop up. Hit exit on the menu and a battle will begin. Mew will be the opponent and he is yours for the catching. Good luck.

Now I said that there was a way of manipulating this code. We battled the Slowpoke because it's Special stat was the corresponding number for Mew to be the battler. If you battle a Pokemon with a different number special stat then you will get a different Pokemon while doing this glitch. So in essance you could get all three starters, all the Eevee evolutions, Pokemon you can't get in your version, and more than one Legendary. I have a list of the numbers and corresponding Pokemon. I will post that later, right now I am tired. Good luck.