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Pokemon Red & Blue Review


In Pokemon Red & Blue you are a new trainer on your way into the Pokemon World. You have just received your first Pokemon and decide to go on the Pokemon Journey. Along your journey you will meet new trainers, friends, and Pokemon. There will be tough and difficult times on your way. It is your duty as a Pokemon trainer to keep going full steam ahead. Some goals in the game are to collect all 8 Gym Badges, become the Pokemon Champion, and catch all 150 Pokemon.

Pokemon Red & Blue have been crowned one of the greatest RPG games on the Gameboy system. I would have to agree. The reason these games were so great was because you could finally be a part of the Pokemon craze. It is one thing to watch the show, but it is another thing to play the show. This is what made these games last for so long. They were the first out in the series and have a special spot in all of our hearts.

Pokemon Blue & Red had a few differences where were already mentioned in the Version Differences page which can be found here.

All in all these games were the greatest hits of their own perspective time and have somewhat dropped down in popularity since Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green versions have come out. They still demand to be played awhile every few months; even if it is for a short ammount of time. Thank you for all the great memories.